Mounting systems for PV plants

The montage system by Sevatech was designed as a montage frame for PV plants planned for installation on open spaces. They are manufactured by well-known bulgarian company VILLAN. This system is designed as a support system for framed modules, but can also be used for laminates. Due to the design of the frame and the materials used (aluminum and galvanized steel), the maintenance is extremely easy during the entire term of the investment.

Mounting systems SEVTECH

Extensive module compatibility

It can be used for almost all types of framed modules and laminates of different manufacturers. The attachment of the modules by aluminum end clamps and Allen screws M8x10 makes the installation process very easy.

Excellent adaptability

The flexible driving depth of the easy-track system is ensured along the frame, balancing of the uneven ground, so that a parallel installation of floor modules is readily available.

Maximum life

Durability and low maintenance freedom are essential for photovoltaic systems characteristics. The fact they’ve made entirely of aluminum and galvanized steel fabricated construction, ensures maximum corrosion resistance and durability. The contact corrosion between the steel and the aluminum parts, is prevented by a corresponding separation layer.

Significant cost savings

The easy track is characterized by a very high degree of pre-assembly. The pre-welded aluminum support makes the installation very quick. After driving the post only four M10x30 has to be screwed to the posts. Thereafter, the aluminum module support rail using two M10x85 to get screwed onto the tube. The last step of the only three-steps assembly, is the tightening of the M8 clamping screws, when the module is launched.

Minimized usage of tools

The special assembly tool-kit is limited to a hexagon spanner and a wrench. Detailed installation instructions ensured a smooth installation.

Mounting systems SEVTECH