Solar electric street- and park-lighting

Соларно улично осветление

There are many reasons why the solar energy is better. In our case, when it comes to street lighting, they can be generalized as capital costs, operating costs, security and reliability and not least - the conservation of nature and surrounding ambient.

The total cost of installing solar street lighting is a fraction, compared to the old street lights, powered with energy from conventional sources. It is important to note that the installation of solar street lighting is much more accessible and simple in comparison with that to dig a channel for cable, not to mention the high costs relevanted with infrastructure like building power plants, substations, transformers and others.

Принципна схема на соларно осветление
There is loads of benefits, when installing solar lights. There is no monthly bills to pay, since solar energy is free. No need for maintenance, solar lamps can withstand literally decades with no maintenance. Most types of solar lights are equipped with light detectors, so that LED lighting does not need human intervention to switch. Photovoltaic cells automatically collect solar energy during the day. Reliability of solar lights comes from the fact that each lamp is connected to a battery, which preserves the energy needed for five or more days. This means that even after five days of low solar radiation, the lamps will continue to work. Since most solar lighting systems work with LED, the lights will continue to work even when electricity is not sufficient to make them power. The light they emit will decrease, but the lights will not stop completely when the electricity is restored in the battery, LED will work again at full capacity. On the rarely cases, when there is a problem with one separate lamp, the rest will continue to work. This is because each one has its own independent power supply and is not linked to any other.

And last but not least, to pay attention to ecological aspects. Solar energy is a „clean” energy. Solar street lamps are simple and harmless, not only when they are placed but during operation too.

Surrounding ambient have an enormous benefit from applying the whole of such "clean" energy and specifically in our case - this type of lighting. In the presence of millions of kilometers of roads and streets worldwidе, the use of solar street lighting will make the Earth a lot more different, a better place for life to all of us and our children.